Why Do Anything When I Can Eat?

Today’s post is in response to the Daily Prompt “Struggle“.

As the name* of this blog suggests, eating for me is kind of a big deal. But finding the balance between eating for nourishment and eating until I am about to burst is something that I have struggled with my entire life. This struggle has a name, and it’s called “Emotional Eating”.

Emotional eating is not anything new. It happens whenever we eat because of how we’re feeling, well, emotionally (as oppose to physically) and I’m sure we all do it to some extent. As I’ve outlined in the What Eat’s About page, there are many emotionally linked reasons why I eat. The one that always gets me is when I eat because I want to avoid doing something (i.e. eating to procrastinate).

My procrastination looks like this: instead of just tackling what I need to do head-on, like a responsible adult, I go to that happy place known as the kitchen, and rummage through the fridge or cupboards for food. The less time it takes to prepare it, the better. And I’ll keep going back to this honey hole until either the food runs out and/or my stomach explodes. With no more viable food options nor a functioning stomach, all I am left with is the same task I was trying to avoid in the first place.

I am trying to change this behaviour, however. The struggle here is in reminding myself how the task(s) I am avoiding usually ends up being easier than expected, and that I always feel very accomplished for getting it done! But, it can be hard to undo a pattern you’ve relied on for 30+ years…

Do you struggle with emotional eating? How do you cope with it?

Want some resource(s) on how to cope with emotional eating? Check out my new Resources page! I will be adding third-party links as I go, hopefully you’ll find them useful too!

image1 (2)
I want to stuff you all in my belly…

* By the way, the name of this blog has been a struggle for me as well. I’m not sure if I’m 100% sold on the name, but since this blog is still living out its Origin Story, I guess only time will tell what this blog, and its name, will become.


7 thoughts on “Why Do Anything When I Can Eat?

  1. I struggle with emotions, for example I find it super hard to tell the difference between if I am feeling hungry or I am simply bored… So when I have nothing better to do I end up… Eating. Is that what they call comfort eating? I imagine that this *Loaf of bread* is a giant pillow but for my tummy, so that the poor beast growling within can rest easy…..
    In my defence I have high metabolism (thats my excuse) So I get to eat lots and it doesnt really affect my weight, but I do try to stick to healthy snacks, but why do healthy foods normally have to be sooooo bland ooooh look at this salad bringing out the rabbit in me.

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    1. I hear ya, B! I can’t always tell the difference myself and am only now really paying attention. Mmm… Giant pillow… So fluffy! Lol! I say, embrace your inner rabbit! My question is, why can’t cookies be healthy?!?

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  2. Great post, Diana! I agree – we probably all have emotional triggers. In those moments I find it can help if I take a few moments to breathe deeply and rationalize with myself. Doesn’t always work though!
    I like the pic a lot 🙂

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    1. Yes! Taking the time to notice and breathe definitely helps! Sometimes I don’t remember to do it though until I’m already mid-chew and by then my tastes buds are already hooked! Lol.

      Thanks! The pic was taken when I was visiting London! I was feeling nostalgic for Chinese food (which we didn’t really have here at that time).

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  3. Love the pic! i’m not an emotional eater but i am a bored eater. so i try to not have crappy snacks in the house. oddly enough, i also find that putting on music helps if i’m working on my laptop and feeling peckish for absolutely no reason!

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    1. Some would say eating out of boredom could be emotional eating since it’s the “feeling” of boredom that triggers it. But it might also fall under the third category – environmental/situational eating.

      Thanks for the tip!! It’s true, when I get music going, it’s so much easier to get chores done!


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